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Survival French

New to Switzerland? Let's develop your basic French language skills so you can confidently communicate in everyday situations.
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Kickstart life with a new language.

Survival French is all about helping you gain the confidence and capability to communicate in everyday situations – like socialising, travel, money, business or food and drink – so you feel comfortable living your day-to-day life in French-speaking surroundings.

Let us support you to develop your French language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening through our fun, interactive classes where you will be encouraged to practise with others, and apply your learning in real-life contexts outside the classroom.


Minimum age
Language level
Maximum class size
Course length
8 weeks
Start dates
10 January 2022
7 March 2022
9 May 2022
4 July 2022
29 August 2022
31 October 2022
Weekly schedule
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
What to expect

Learning objectives

  • Greet others, ask and give personal information
  • Use numbers in daily situations, make exchanges in shops, book appointments
  • Make enquiries, make purchases, exchange products
  • Read a menu and order in a restaurant
  • Use public transport, make enquiries and purchase tickets
  • Find and book accommodation, discuss services and offers
  • Ask, give and follow directions
  • Deal with individual needs and requests of a simple nature
Personal and responsive learning

A course designed around your language goals

Your lessons will be adapted around your personal study plan. As you develop your core skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, your teacher will monitor your progress and introduce new strategies and techniques to enhance your language development.

Learning management system

Practise with Bell online

On this course, you will be given access to your own digital learning environment. All your learning resources, teacher notes, interactive exercises and progress data are all personalised to you.

You may be asked to upload homework, contribute to group discussions, or receive direct audio feedback from your teachers. You will also be able to interact with your other classmates, and carry on practising your English virtually!


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