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Continue your professional development with Bell and gain a globally-recognised qualification to teach English to young learners.


Let’s get TYLEC qualified.

The Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC) is a specialist certificate awarded by Trinity College London UK. It is ideal for qualified English language teachers and is designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge to teach English to children and teenagers in the age range 7-16.

Build on your knowledge, understanding and confidence in areas such as using resources, classroom management and lesson planning. You will learn with the support of our expert teachers, and focus on developing your practical face-to-face teaching skills with real-life young learners, giving you the tools, techniques and confidence you need to teaching in a young learner context.

It is an incredibly rewarding programme, with a lot of exciting opportunities available upon completion.



Minimum age
Language level
Native speaker or C1+ English level
Entry requirements
CELTA or equivalent
Maximum class size
Course start
21st September 2023
19th January 2024
2 150.- CHF (CAF Eligibility)
What to expect

Learning objectives

  • Teach Young Learners confidently anywhere in the world
  • Successfully plan and resource lessons for Young Learners
  • Learn how to create an effective learning environment for Young Learners
  • Understand children and adolescents as language learners
  • Understand, evaluate and use a variety of teaching experiences
Personal and responsive learning

Understand language teaching

TYLEC is a 20-week, face-to-face assessed course which focuses on developing your theoretical and practical skills.

  • Phonological, lexical and syntactic features of English
  • Learning needs and motivations of individuals or groups of young learners
  • Current theories of children’s general and linguistic development
  • Using and adapting published material and create simple teaching materials
  • Critical analysis of young learner language teaching approaches.
  • Evaluate your own effectiveness as a teacher
Teaching practice and observation

Intensive and practical

There are over 50 hours of input sessions which focus on different aspects of teaching young learners, such as classroom management, getting YLs to write, supplementing and adapting published materials, using games and stories in the classroom.

You will teach 5 hours (1 hour diagnostic and 4 hours assessed lessons) of lessons with 2 different levels and age-groups. In either individual or small-group feedback sessions, you will discuss the lessons taught and receive verbal and written feedback from tutors. While you will receive time and support from the course tutors when planning your lessons, you are encouraged to work more independently as the course progresses.

You will have the opportunity to observe 6 hours of live and filmed lessons taught by peers and experienced teachers.

As well as the teaching practice element of the course, you will complete 2 written assignments. One of these involves keeping a teaching practice journal and the other allows you to adapt or develop, use and then evaluate materials with one of your groups.