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Become a teacher: CELTA

Trainee teachers that learn with us gain the practical skills, knowledge and qualification to get the best teaching jobs anywhere in the world.

Course type
Age of student
Language level
Expert (C2)
Entry requirements
Standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
Lesson hours per week
CELTA Part-Time: two days per week / CELTA Intensive: four days per week
Course dates
CELTA Part-Time: January 10 to March 25, 2022 / CELTA Intensive: June 27 to July 29, 2022
CHF 3'950.- / Eligible CAF for a maximum of CHF 750 (Ref. 3959)
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Who is this course for?

People who want to start their career as an English language teacher and have the opportunity to teach anywhere in the world. You may be a new graduate, you may want to change your existing career or you may want to travel.

This course is also suitable for those with some teaching experience who do not yet hold the CELTA qualification.

With a CELTA qualification, teachers can:

  • Teach confidently anywhere in the world
  • Learn how to create an effective learning environment
  • Understand and use a variety of teaching approaches
  • Successfully plan and resource lessons
  • Have a greater awareness of language
  • Begin a career as a English language teacher

Course description

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) qualification is awarded by Cambridge English Assessment, a part of Cambridge University, UK.

CELTA is an assessed course which focuses on practical skills, introducing you to hands-on teaching experience straight away. 

This highly intensive, practical course includes:

  • Practical workshops and seminars: there are 120 contact hours in the course including workshops and seminars which focus on language awareness, phonology, language learning, teaching methodology and professional development.
  • Teaching practice and feedback: you will teach six hours of classes attended by multi-lingual adult learners of English. In a feedback session you will discuss the lessons taught and receive individual verbal and written feedback from tutors.
  • Observation: you will observe a minimum of six hours of classes of experienced teachers.
  • Lesson preparation: lesson preparation is initially supervised by the course tutors, but you are encouraged to work more independently as the course progresses. By the end of the course you should have a basic toolkit which allows you to teach effectively in an EFL classroom.

Study options

CELTA Intensive

  • Five weeks face-to-face
  • Requires attendance Mondays to Thursday, 09.00 to 17.00
  • You will teach two or three times per week. Evenings and weekends will be used for lesson preparation and written assignments
  • This course is for people that can devote the entire five weeks to the course.

CELTA Part-time

  • 10 weeks face-to-face
  • Requires attendance Mondays and Friday from 08.30 to 17.00
  • There will be approximately 10 hours per week of lesson preparation and written assignments outside the school hours
  • This course is for people that need more flexibility than the intensive course offers. 

Our teachers

Our teacher trainers are experts in their field and use a variety of effective educational methods and strategies throughout the course. This means trainee teachers benefit from an outstanding learning experience themselves before applying the knowledge and skills they have gained in their own classrooms.

Real teaching experience

CELTA is taught in our school, so you will become immersed in a real teaching environment. Teaching practice takes place in our classrooms, with enthusiastic people from the local community that want to improve their English (Bell offers all lessons with trainee teachers free of charge to students).

Please note that the course is very intensive. Most participants tell us that they spend many hours researching language, completing written assignments and preparing lessons. This course provides you with a basic toolkit for teaching English and covers a lot of ground; although we look at some language analysis, and tutors will support you, the assumption is that you will research grammar and language issues for lessons outside the sessions.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

 Course dates

CELTA Part-time (2 days per week)

CELTA Intensive (4 days per week)

10 January - 25 March 2022

27 June - 29 july 2022

What is provided?

All teaching and learning resources for the course are provided, including stationery for teaching practice and books for your written assignments. You will also have access to photocopiers, computers, and printers, and will be given training in how to use interactive whiteboards. You will have access to facilities at our school, including a dedicated teacher preparation room and a cafeteria. 


Cambridge English

CELTA is an assessed course accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA). In order to pass the course you will be assessed on the lessons you deliver and on four written assignments. You will be informed at each stage of the course of your progress; if you are not meeting specified criteria for any reason you will be given clear information about this and advice on how to adapt and improve. During the last part of the course an assessor from Cambridge English will visit the centre to ensure that the course and criteria have been standardised and run appropriately. Your final result is moderated by Cambridge English after the course has finished. 

Have a look at the Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success from our partner and find free tips.

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How to apply

If you would like to apply, please complete the application form and pre-interview task. You can post it or scan and email it us, but we do need to receive it in your own handwriting. You will then be invited for an interview.

Please contact us if you’d like more information before you apply: