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Intensive Preparation for test fide

Prepare for your fide test in French and take the next step in your language learning.

This course is eligible for financial support through the Chèque Annuel de Formation (CAF).

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Prepare your test fide and your next step.
The fide test enables you to obtain a language passport, certifying your level of French (A1, A2 or B1) and necessary to apply for a residence or settlement permit in Switzerland as well as for the citizenship application.

To prepare for the test, the Bell course enables you to develop skills and techniques needed to achieve the desired level. Your level in French will be assessed before the start of the course in order to identify the test best suited to your goals and language skills. We will design a personal study plan for you – based on your specific goals, language level and areas of development.

Bell is an accredited centre to administer the fide language assessment at its premises.

Minimum age
Language level
All levels
Class enrolment based on a placement test
Class size
6/8 participants
Course length
Module of 44 hours
Start dates
3 June- 22 July 2024
1 - 30 July 2024*
5 Aug - 3 Sept 2024*
9 Sept - 28 Oct 2024
1 Oct - 19 Nov 2024
24 Oct - 12 Dec 2024
Weekly schedule
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
*Monday to Friday
Course Price
CHF 1'050.-
CAF Reference
How to Register?
Which level do you need to achieve for your procedure?

Language levels requirements in administrative procedures

Choose from our 3 modules (44 hours each), depending on your initial level and objectives.

If you would like any help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Module 1
Residence Permit

A1 Beginner oral
Learn to express yourself in simple everyday situations, to formulate simple questions and answers. You will also learn to understand simple audio documents with the same objectives.

Module 2
Establishment Permit

A2 Elementary oral + A1 Beginner written
Learn to express yourself on simple subjects of daily life, to request services, to make or cancel an appointment. You will also learn to understand audio documents with the same objectives. In writing, you will learn to understand simple texts and to write short sentences to respond to a form or SMS.

Module 3

B1 Intermediate oral + A2 Elementary written
Learn to express yourself on subjects of daily life, to give your opinion, to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a situation, to express your wishes. You will also learn to understand audio documents with the same objectives. In writing, you will learn to understand texts from everyday life and to write emails to request a service, information or respond to these same requests.

What to expect

Learning objectives

  • Clearly understand what to expect in a fide exam and its structure
  • Gain effective techniques and strategies to tackle different questions
  • Develop critical language skills to help achieve your desired level
  • Improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar structures
  • Be more comfortable and confident interacting with others in French
Two women in front of white board
Personal and responsive learning

Preparation is key to your success.

Your lessons will be adapted around your personal study plan. As you develop your core skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, your teacher will monitor your progress and introduce new strategies and techniques to enhance your language development.

Learning management system

Practise with Bell

On this course, you will be given access to your own digital learning environment. All your learning resources, teacher notes, interactive exercises and progress data are all personalised to you.

You may be asked to upload homework, contribute to group discussions, or receive direct audio feedback from your teachers. You will also be able to interact with your other classmates, and carry on practising virtually, if needed!


Online registration

Ready to take the fide exam? 

Bell is an accredited examination centre for taking the fide exam in French. Register for your fide exam by completing the online form.

  • All registrations for fide exam are online only
  • No registrations can be made on our premises
  • It is not possible to choose your exact exam date
  • You will be notified no later than 2 weeks before your test date
  • All modifications, cancellations, or amendments must be made by email.