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Bell One World Nursery and School
A journey of discovery

Fascinated by something? So are we. Let's harness your child's natural curiosity and build their skills for learning, life and work.

The start of a lifelong love of learning

Your child’s world is filled with discovery. Our nursery (2 – 4 years) and primary (4 – 9 years) programmes will spark your child’s curiosity and open up their world through new skills, experiences and capabilities.

Through theme-based learning, we’ll bring your child’s learning to life and help give them the best start to becoming successful, well-educated citizens of the world.

From India
For my child, it has been a wonderful experience. She enjoys going and I have observed a steep rise in her mental and physical skills. She just loves the school!
From Belarus
There is no better place for your child to develop their English language skills and flourish as an all-around successful student.
learning the bell way

Our approach

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your child and we know that nothing less is good enough.

Our curriculum starts with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in Nursery to Primary Reception and progresses to Key Stage 1 curriculum (Year 1 and Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and Year 4) – a standard set across all English schools.

By also using our core principles of The Bell Way, each child is supported and encouraged in line with their individual needs which will complement their development at home.

Why choose Bell?

Here are just a few reasons why we think Bell is the right place for your child.

  • Track record of success

    As a leading language school and education provider in the UK, Bell has a successful track record in delivering unforgettable learning experiences to students across the globe since 1955, when its first school was established in the famous academic city of Cambridge.

    Bringing this knowledge and experience to Geneva, we established our nursery at Bell Colombettes in 1993, where we have developed a strong reputation in delivering expertly-designed programmes underpinned by The Bell Way – developing confident, curious and capable children with a natural fluency in English.

  • Ideal location

    Bell Colombettes is located at the heart of the international district, home to the Palais des Nations complex of UN offices in Parc de l’Ariana and World Trade Organisation. For us and your children, that means that we can take full advantage of our indoor facilities and outdoors spaces, making every day a new adventure.

    For you, that means convenient car drop-off points and easy transport links – by train, tram and bus – making the nursery an ideal location for parents who live, work or commute to the Right Bank (Rive Droite) – including Servette and Petit-Saconnex, Paquis and Nations, Saint-Jean Charmilles and Grottes and Saint-Gervais districts.

  • Learning the Bell Way

    Each student’s learning is guided by the 6 principles of The Bell Way. A learning approach model that we developed alongside an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge.

    The Bell Way is core to everything we do at Bell, enhancing your child’s progress and success in achieving their goals.

  • Outstanding student care

    We provide an outstanding level of care to ensure your child has the best home-away-from-home experience. With a student:staff ratio of 1:8 (1:6 for Nursery 1), we are proud to offer comprehensive supervision and support to all children in our care – from arrival to departure:

    • Dedicated teachers and teaching assistants available at all times
    • Trained medical first aiders
    • Safeguarding and criminal record checks on all staff
    • Child protection training for all staff
  • Child-led and theme-based learning

    We intentionally implement theme-based learning to take place inside and outside the classroom – giving teachers the flexibility to take learning in a direction that best meets the needs and motivations of the children.

    This fully-integrated approach to their growth and development gives children the opportunity to learn a variety of critical skills, and gives each child a personalised learning experience that guarantees they will stay motivated, engaged and happy.

  • High rate of return students

    Bell Switzerland supports learners across all stage of development – from ages 2 to 18 years old. More than 80% of our pupils return to us to continue their learning and development and language fluency. For us, there is no greater indicator of our success, and there is no greater joy to be able to inspire students to fully reach their potential.

How can we support your child?

Students are encouraged to express their potential at their own pace [...] Individual attention is given to each student. The small group size allows for individualized teaching [...] Highly motivated teachers who take great care of the pupils entrusted to them.
DIP Inspection (2021)
Primary school
The teaching of nursery and young learners is excellent in the consistently high level of motivational techniques and classroom management skill demonstrated to bring out the best in the children, as well as in the exceptional creativity and variety shown in techniques and materials.
International Accreditation Body

What is your next step?

Choosing a school is a big decision for you and your child. We are here to help you, to answer all your questions and to assure you Bell One World is the best school for your child.

If you would like to arrange a visit or speak to our Nursery and Primary School Team, please contact us here. If you’re ready to take the next step, get your registration started and contact us.

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