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Celine Tomasso

Celine Tomasso

Nursery Coordinator

Céline has a passion for languages and arrived at Bell in 2016 with 16 years of experience teaching young learners.

Christelle Fomoa

Level 3 Early Years Educator

With 15 years' experience in teaching English, Christelle's passion, drive and portfolio only continue to improve.

Cinzia Garufi

Nursery Teacher Assistant

Elaine Cash

Elaine Cash

Head of Nursery, Primary and Young Learners

Elaine has nearly three decades of experience in early years education in England, France and Switzerland.

Elina Christoforidou

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Sabine Schenkenberg

Sabine Schenkenberg

Nursery Teacher and YL Administrative Assistant

Sabine has joined Bell in 2015. She started in the Bi-Lingual Nursery 1 and now teaches Nursery 2 and the Little Learners on Wednesday.