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Japanese Private Course

Whatever the objectives and needs of the participant, a dedicated coach offers personalized and effective support. A tailor-made approach for each need.
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Learn it. Learn it again.
Learn it better.

This tailored course will enhance your core skills in the language while helping you to improve in reading, writing, listening and speaking so you can confidently communicate in a variety of contexts. We will design a personal study plan for you – based on your specific goals, language level and timeline.

Our private course is a fully customisable learning option. You can choose how long and how often you study.

Minimum age
Min. language level
All levels
Class enrolment based on a placement test
Course dates
Fully flexible
Bell Colombettes, or an alternatively agreed location
Fees (per student)
CHF 110.-

On this course, you will:

  • Improve your fluency and accuracy when communicating
  • Enhance your pronunciation, vocabulary and ability to apply complex grammar structures in your everyday life
  • Learn to voice your opinions tactfully and share your ideas with others
  • Get personal feedback and support to maximise your success
  • Be more comfortable and confident interacting with other users of the language

Build your 1-to-1 course with us

Our 1-to-1 coaching programme is highly flexible and responsive, so you are in full control of how you would like to plan these in to your overall learning experience.

Be challenged and supported.

Our unique learning approach – The Bell Way – is core to everything we do at Bell. It was developed by our academic team alongside an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge. It is based on six core principles that shape all our programmes. The combination of your hard work, regular practice and commitment to lessons – and our 65 years of teaching expertise – is guaranteed to see you aim high, exceed your expectations and become a confident user of the language.

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Personal and responsive learning

Interactive learning with your personal tutor.

Your programme is built entirely around you. As you develop your core skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, your tutor will monitor your progress and introduce new strategies and techniques to enhance your language development.

Through this personal 1-to-1 approach, you will have clear and relevant objectives, and you are always being challenged to take the next step in your progression.


Practise with Bell Online.

You will be given access to your own digital learning environment as soon as your booking is confirmed. All your learning resources, teacher notes, interactive exercises and progress data are all personalised to you.

You may be asked to upload homework, participate in forums, or receive direct audio feedback from your teachers. You will also be able to carry on practising outside of your classroom.

Dates and locations

Bell Colombettes

Flexible Start


  • Get 1-to-1 tuition from a highly-qualified Bell tutor
  • Fully customised programme to your learning goals
  • In-person tuition that takes place at a time that suits you
  • Access course materials from your home, school or office

12 Chemin des Colombettes
1202 Geneva

Our course includes

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  • Achieve set objectives according to the CEFR in the 4 skills
  • Use the target language in various situations
  • Gain self-confidence