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Linguistic workshop
Francophonie week

It's time to learn and practice French, Spanish or English in an informal and fun way!

Take part in our evening workshops from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Bell School.

For the March 21, 2024 session, we are offering 3 different workshops:
WORKSHOP 1 FRENCH – Language games – Grand Quiz to mark French Language and Francophonie Week

Come and test your knowledge of the French-speaking world and enrich your general knowledge, with an evening game to help you practice your French in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

WORKSHOP 2 SPANISH – An evening of short films on the theme of love

This workshop invites you to view two short films in Spanish on the theme of love. After the screening, there will be a discussion on how this theme has been treated and on the cinematographic work.

WORKSHOP 3 ENGLISH – Exploring Happiness: A Controversial Journey

This ESL workshop delves into the complex and often debated concept of happiness, aiming to broaden our understanding and facilitate insightful discussions on the topic. Through analyzing a TEDtalk video, engaging in quizzes, and examining scenarios where happiness may be seemingly unattainable. Participants will explore various facets of happiness and reflect on personal experiences that contribute to its definition.

All our workshops will be accompanied by drinks and snacks..

Please use our registration form to confirm your participation.

Bell School
Chemin Camille-Vidart 15,
Geneva 1202
ArrĂȘt TPG :
Motta / Vermont
Thursday 21st March
From 6pm-7:30pm
Limited spaces
Price per person
Drinks and snacks incuded
CHF 15.-
Entry level
Workshop1: French A1-C1
Workshop 2: Spanish B1-C1
Workshop 3: English B1-C1
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