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Bell Colombettes

With convenient routes to and from the school, let us help you find your way to Bell Colombettes.


Getting to Bell Colombettes

Finding your way to the school

Our ideal location offers fantastic transport  – whether you are travelling by car or public transport. Whatever you choose, let us support you to find the best route possible so you can travel easily and with confidence.




Driving to the school

The entrance and car park can be located on Chemin de Colombettes, around the corner from Avenue Giuseppe Motta, off Route de Ferney,

You will be able to drive to and drop off your child with easy access. For students attending our adult or teacher training courses, parking is limited at this venue but available at the front of the building.

If you are dropping off your child to our nursery or primary school, we strictly advise that children are escorted or supervised to the building.


BY bus

Getting the bus to the school

The centre is well served by UNIRESO buses to and from the city centre, running frequently every 8 – 15 minutes. The closest bus stop is called Motta, a very short walk away from the main entrance, and is either served by the No. 8 and No. 11 lines.

View the bus line – No. 8
OMS – Nations – Motta – Gare Cornavin – Velours – Sierne – Veyrier-Tournettes or Veyrier-Douane

View the bus line – No. 11
Jardin Botanique – Nations – Motta – Charmilles – Rue des Mouettes – Bout-du-Monde



BY Tram

Getting the tram to school

Our main location is within walking distance from Nations. Take Tram 15 towards Nations, and walk across to follow Avenue Giuseppe-Motta towards Chemin des Colombettes.