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Teaching Approach

Learning The Bell Way

At Bell, education is at the heart of everything we do!

Children’s learning at the One World Nursery and Primary School follows the curriculum for UK Early Years and Primary education and is underpinned by our own set of educational principles – The Bell Way – which have been guided by research from the University of Cambridge. Children learn through play in a fun and caring environment.


High expectations

We want students to dream big

We strive to make outstanding the norm and to inspire each child to be the best they can be, with the confidence to accomplish anything.


Clarity of learning

We show students a clear path to success

We make aims clear to children in engaging ways that inspire them to share their achievements. Our Parent and Child Agreement helps our parents understand their children’s development.


Unique individual

We adapt lessons and activities to suit your child

We are experts at working with children of different needs, levels and languages. Our flexible programmes offer different levels of challenge to children depending on their ability.


Learning everywhere

We teach inside and outside the classroom

Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom with all members of staff. We show parents how to help their children continue the learning process at home.

class top view

Assessment as learning

We give regular feedback

We provide feedback to parents regularly through a learning journal and parent meetings. We continually check each child’s progress and help them move to the next level.

class 3

Organisational learning

We never stop learning ourselves

We believe in lifelong learning and always strive to be the best for our students. Our teaching scored highly in recent inspections. We encourage innovation and develop our staff so that their approach to learning is always fresh and new.